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Best smart bike locks | Buying Guide

September 27, 2018
Best Smart Bike Locks

Everyone loves bike. Bikes are a convenient way to get around over short distances. This may be from home to the nearest station, or even to work. With the increase in the popularity of bikes, the incidents of their theft have also risen. Leaving mountain bikes or racers at stations or other public places unfortunately attracts many thieves. For many people who use their bike frequently, using a best smart bike lock is the right way to keep the bike from being stolen. So, selecting the best type of lock to deter them is an important decision.


Best Smart Bike locks

Here we review and discuss about various best smart bike locks those are really exists for their good performance. These locks are reliable and you could use them smartly.


11. Sigtuna Gear U-lock

Best smart bike locks

Sigtuna’s locks square measure among the lot of systematically well-reviewed (and best-selling) reasonable choices among Amazon customers. The SIGTUNA team take the bike security seriously and check the controls or security of their locks before allowed to hit the market. These locks are quite good at resisting attack from bolt cutters.



Product Features:
  • 16mm High performance Steel Shackle.
  • 1200mm Steel Flex cable.
  • Dimensions: 9.4 × 7 × 1.9 inches.
  • Weight: 3.75 lbs (1.70 kg).


  • It has 16mm steel shackle which enough to deter thieves.
  • Anti-Theft design.
  • It also have the 1200mm woven steel flex cable to ensure more protection.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Durable and easy to use with a sturdy one-button release mounting bracket.
  • Movable Key hole cover.
  • Cable is bit unnecessary and may not scare any determined thief.
  • The shackle is pretty short.


10. Kryptonite KryptoLok Series 2

Best Smart Bike Locks

Kryptonite’s initial appearance on our list is with Kryptolock. This is a significant piece of technology. It has MAX-PERFORMANCE steel shackle, what resists cutting and leverage attacks. It is a lower cost of product, but that will keep your valuable safe.



Product Features:
  • 13mm hardened Steel shackle.
  • flex steel cable.
  • Weight: 3.59lbs (1.62kg).
  • Measurement- 4 by 9 inches.


  • 13 mm Kryptonium steel shackle to repel most thieves.
  • Includes 4’ KRYPTOFLEX Double Loop Cable for securing front wheel or accessories.
  • ANTI-RATTLE BUMPERS reduce noise during transport.
  • come with 3 keys.
  • Lightweight.
  • Drill and Pick resistant.
  • Cable is pretty unnecessary.
  • Security ratings is little less.


9. HIPLOCK GOLD Wearable Chain Lock

Best smart bike locks

HIOPLOCK GOLD is the final selection for riders searching for the best level of security in a simple to carry bike lock. It is tested and given the top rating. It is additionally the company’s toughest bike lock system up to now. There is no messing around with this piece of security that’s rugged because it is enticing. The 32 inch chain is enough long to suit around any standard bike still as lamp posts and most different common thing.



Product Features:
  • 10mm hardened steel chain.
  • 12mm hardened steel shackle.
  • 85cm lock diameter.
  • Weight: 5.29 lbs (2.4 kg).


  • Available in long length to easily lock with anything.
  • Good cloth covering protects your bike’s paint and comfortable to wear.
  • Available in various color.
  • Tested properly and accreditation house Sold Secure with top rating.
  • It can be a bit heavy in long journey.
  • Can be sticky for the close tolerances.
  • Pretty expensive.


8. Kryptonite 2079 New-U Evolution Mini-7

Best smart bike locks

Kryptonite 2079 New-U Evolution Mini-7 is very smartly designed as a  piece of security technology to repel the most attractive bike thieves. It is also with 13 mm Kryptonium steel shackle prevent bolt cutters and leverage attacks.



Product Features:
  • 13 mm Kryptonium steel shackle.
  • Dimension: 25 by 5.5 inches.
  • Weight – approx. 2.8 pounds (1.3 kg).
  • 4′ (inch) KryptoFlex double loop cable.


  • New Sliding Dust-cover.
  • Additional protection against twist attack.
  • New Double Deadbolt Design.
  • Pick and Drill Resistant.
  • Newly designed 3 Stainless Steel keys with one LED Replaceable key FOB.
  • Good Security Ratings.
  • Good reviews.
  • Cable is pretty unnecessary.


7. ABUS Bordo GRANIT X Plus 6500 – Folding lock

Best smart bike locks

The ABUS Bordo Granit X Plus 6500 is available in 85cm (33.46 inch) lengths, what is easy to lock and secure your bike from thieves. ABUS X-Plus for the extreme high protection. It is a very good potential lock for the bikers and ideal for securing high quality bikes also.



Product Features:
  • 5.5 mm steel bars – Plastic coated.
  • Dimension: 85cm (33.46 inch).
  • Weight: 4.76 pounds (2.15 kg).
  • Versatile folding technology.
  • M19 Multi bicycle tool kit (Crank Brothers).


  • Plastic coated steel bar to protect your bike paint.
  • Easy to carry and use for folding technology.
  • Nice Design & attractive matte black color.
  • Bolt cutter resistant.
  • 2 Stailness Steel keys with one LED lighted.
  • Good protection at high theft risk.
  • Multi tool kit for trail-side repair.
  • Very Good Security Ratings.
  • Pretty Expensive.


6. Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Bicycle Chain and NY Disc Bike Lock

Best smart bike locks

If you’re thinking to lock your bike for a long period of time and to secure more than just your bike frame and wheel in a high-theft area, if you have a cargo or electric bike that needs a longer lock, the Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Chain is one of the toughest chain lock to protect your bike. It has been encountered different chain locks that were more durable to chop through, however they value virtually doubly the worth of the Fahgettaboudit Chain; at that point of view you’re more contented to buying a second lock than obtaining the more expensive model. It has 14 mm very hardened links held together by a 15 mm Kryptonite New York Disc Lock.



Product Features:
  • Size: 14mm × 60 inch.
  • 15mm heavy duty steel shackle.
  • 5 inch (150cm) chain length.
  • Weight: 10 pounds (4.53 kg).


  • Durable, nylon protective cover for comfort use.
  • Higher security New York disc lock.
  • 3t hardened Manganese Steel for maximum strength.
  • 3 Steeliness Steel keys, one lighted with high intensity bulb and battery replaceable.
  • Sliding Dust-cover.
  • Key safe program.
  • Higher ratings.
  • Little Expensive.
  • It may be heavy in long ride.


5. ABUS Granit X-Plus 540/160 HB 230 U Bike Lock

Best smart bike locks

ABUS Granit X-Plus 540 will surprise a lot of biker that invested in their older products. It is originally a German engineered product and widely praised for years as the strongest security levels. It is also one of the strongest U-lock.



Product Features:
  • Outer dimensions:
    7 inch width, 11.6 inch length, 1.6 inch height.
  • Inner dimensions:
    4.25 inch width, 9 inch length.
  • Weight: 4 pounds (1.53 kg).


  • Double locking.
  • 2 Stainless steel keys with one lighted.
  • Security level 15.
  • High picking protection.
  • Easy to use.
  • Good ratings.
  • Comparatively weighs little more than expected.
  • Not enough cheap.


4. Kryptonite New York Standard Heavy Duty Bicycle U Lock

Best smart bike locks

The KRYPTONITE branded Lock Company introduced the bike lock in 1994 to rise to the challenge of increased reports of bike thefts in the city. It has been considered the Kryptonite New York lock the most secure option out there. It offers the higher security form deter a bike. Its 16 mm Kryptonium max steel shackle resists bolt cutter and leverage attack. Hardened Steel Sleeve over crossbar provides double security.



Product Features:
  • 16 mm Kryptonium steel shackle.
  • Dimension: 4 inch width, 8 inch length.
  • Weight: approx. 4.4 pounds (2 kg).


  • Prevent Bolt Cutter and Leverage attack.
  • 3 Stainless steel keys, one lighted with high intensity bulb and battery replaceable.
  • Security level 12.
  • Protective vinyl coating prevent rust.
  • Sliding Dustcover extends cylinder life.
  • Easy to use.
  • Key safe program.
  • Comparatively weighs little more.


3. TIGR mini+ titanium, u-lock style bike lock

Best smart bike locks

The TIGR mini+ is totally different from other as usual bike locks. It doesn’t work like and seem like other bike locks. It isn’t even made of constant stuff as other bike locks! However, the TiGr mini is made from titanium though it is so light weight. So, this exceptional lock have the different levels of strength, hardness and toughness with the different metals than other locks and that may influence the good safety of a lock in numerous ways that. After improving the design from old version, it is still completely deter a determined thief. And the most amazing thing is this, it is Handmade in America.



Product Features:
  • High security, disc style lock cylinder.
  • Dimension: 4 inch width, 8 inch length.
  • Weight: 16.5 ounces (469gm).


  • High Security.
  • 2 Stainless steel keys.
  • Good Security level.
  • PVC Coating on bow to protect your bike from Scratches.
  • Easy to use.
  • Simply to install.
  • Handmade.
  • Little more expensive.


2. Lattis Ellipse Keyless Smart Bike Lock With Theft Detection

Best smart bike locks

If a smart bike lock that connects to your smartphone, then how it will be? Yes, the Lattis Ellipse smart lock is that lock. The most interesting thing is that, its work without any keys. Super robust and secure U-lock with 17mm forged chromoly steel shackle and dual-locking mechanism designed to discourage the foremost determined thieves. So, this lock should be considered as the most innovative bike lock ever.



Product Features:
  • 17mm forged chromoly steel shackle.
  • Dimension: 6.4 inch width, 7.8 inch length.
  • Weight: 2.5 pounds (1.13 kg).


  • Very Strong Security.
  • Entry without any Keys.
  • Bike disturbed or theft detection.
  • Unlock automatically or with a tap of your phone.
  • Bike sharing option.
  • Built-in solar panel automatically charges the battery.
  • Crash alert and Splash proof.
  • it is not enough cheap.


1. LINKA Smart Bike Lock

Best smart bike locks

LNKA smart bike lock has been come up to the top in this list for its extra ordinary features and specifications. It may be the part of the new of smartphone powered best smart bike lock that secure your bike. With this smart bike locks you can forget about carrying any keys. You can lock your bike just with a simple tap in your smartphone and can also auto-unlock as you approach the bike.



Product Features:
  • 9mm hardened steel shackle.
  • Weight: 0.65 kg (1.4 lbs).
  • Operating Temperature -25°C to 65°C.
  • Charge time: 3.5 hours.


  • Detected unwanted bike movement and can trigger a screeching 110 dB siren.
  • Access without any Keys.
  • IP 56 water resistant.
  • Unlock automatically or with a tap of your phone.
  • Bike sharing.
  • Long life battery (up to 16 months).
  • Long range Bluetooth 4.0 (120 meters).
  • A bit costly than other smart locks.


Need To Consider These Things For Choosing the Best Smart Bike Lock

Type of Lock –

There are four major kind of bike locks: the chain lock, the anchor lock, the cable lock, and also the U-lock. Which you can choose rely to a certain degree on wherever you will be using your bike. If you live during a village with low crime you’ll be fine with a cable lock. If however, you live in high crime central city then you should buy U-lock or chain lock for best security.

Dimension –

A certain kind of lock with a superior locking width will imply so it will be possible to guard it adjacent to a broader collection of threatening matter. The downside is that it provides the thief a lot more area to attempt and to use a tool such as the leveraging bar to smash the lock.

Safety rating –

Inside the US there is the Marketed Secure rating program. You can find 3 kinds of locks such as the Gold, Silver and Bronze. The 3 distinctive amounts signify how time-consuming it will take the thief to breach the lock of the bike. If you comprise bicycle cover then obtaining a Marketed Safe lock is ordinarily a fraction of the requisites and setting that will help you protect your bike.

Maintenance –

You ought to make use of WD40 to maintain the locking system functioning effectively and to avoid it from seizing up specifically throughout cold climate.

Additional keys –

There is absolutely nothing shoddier than losing your own keys just as you’re getting ready to set off to your job. Most bike locks include no less than two emergency keys although a 3rd duplicate is often really useful.

Excess weight –

Obviously this really is something you have to bring around with you normally and any extra body weight around the bike indicates additional pedaling work. Ordinarily a superior lock for your bike will moreover be heavier than the usual.



A variety of bike locks are available on the market. Choose that one best smart bike locks which provides superior protection whilst still being reasonably portable. Picking a good location for parking one’s bicycle is another important aspect in minimizing the chance of theft. BMX bikes are not the only bicycles targeted by thieves, so whatever bike one rides, keep it securely locked, and be cautious when deciding where to park it.


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