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Cycling tips for beginners | You Need To Know

October 21, 2018
Cycling tips for beginners

Cycling may be a sport enjoyed by over 35 million recreational riders. As native communities are funding projects to develop the utilization of bicycles this range is predicted to rise in an exceedingly few years. Cycling tips for beginner is very good for our bodies and also smart for the atmosphere. As more and more individuals work on getting into higher physical fitness, health care costs are reduced and this can be also sensible for the economy. It is one kind of exercise to lose weight also. Plenty of people these days are into this sort of exercise since it will “pump up” your metabolism and you heart likewise.

Aside from the upfront value, cycling is free and may be enjoyed almost every place. To induce the foremost out of the game, here are some cycling tips for beginners to ride and follow to boost their performance, comfort, safety, and pleasure.


Cycling Tips for Beginners

You always hear that you never forget to ride a bike. While that may be true, what most people do not know is how to ride a bike efficiently and effectively. Now, whether you want to ride for leisure or have decided to take up cycling at a more competitive level, this article will have all the tips to get you started.


Safety First

Cycling tips for beginners

First of all you must think about the safety. When you will ride the bike you need to concern about some of the safety steps.

– Always wear a helmet on every ride.

– Should wear brightly colored clothes with reflective trim even during daylight hours.

– Use front and rear lights and also check the batteries often.

– Wear anything from tinted to clear depending on the conditions and time of day.

– Obey all traffic rules, signs and use the appropriate hand signals when turning. Travel with the traffic not against it.

– Do not wear headphones while riding.

– Drink enough water and Stay hydrated.

– Wear sunlight protective glass.

– Check the all necessary parts of the bike.

– Carry enough water and get some between stops.

Get Comfortable

Cycling tips for beginners

Make sure that you have the proper size bike for your body size. Proper frame size of a bike is essential to putting the rider in an ideal position for effective cycling. At the simplest level, it is really very easy; find a position that is comfortable. To do this, you have to be able to listen to your body and know what to look for. If the seat is too high, it may have pain in your hips (you’ll know your seat is too high if your hips are rocking from side to side as you pedal) and If you have pain in your knee, your seat may be to low or too far forward/backward (if you have that adjustment). If that is the case try putting the seat at a height that allows your leg to be bent at approx. 30 degrees. Lower back pain can be attributed in some cases to putting too much pressure/strain on the lower back, so try sitting up a bit in such a way that you aren’t stretching out to reach the handle bars.

Proper Bike

Cycling tips for beginners

After you find a comfortable position, getting the proper bike fit is important. Some bike shops simply “eyeball” you and recommend a size while others will put you (at your expense) through a series of fit tests to find the “perfect” fit. If all you are doing is leisurely riding, them simply following the directions above will ensure that you have a fun and enjoyable experience.

Having Tools

Cycling tips for beginners

If you are going on longer trail rides (paved or un-paved) ensuring that you have the proper tools is a very good idea. Getting a small bag that fits under your seat will hold everything you may need. Spare tube, tire changing kit, repair kit, small cloth to wipe your hands on, multi-tool specifically for bikes, some will even fit 2 or 3 CO2 cartridges for quick tire filling after a repair/replacement. While frame mounted mini hand pumps are handing, it could easily take 10+ minutes to fill an empty tire! CO2 is the quickest way to get back on the road; just ensure that you have more than 1 in case you mess the first one up!

Ride Right

Cycling tips for beginners

Using correct gearing can permit you to attain this cadence despite your level. As you progress the quantity of rotations can keep a similar however the gear choices are completely different. On uphill climbs gear right down to maintain a similar rpm’s and avoid the temptation to square up and pedal. Standing up truly causes you to expel additional energy therefore making the climb harder. Ride along with your elbows slightly bent and relaxed. This helps with engrossing the bumps within the road. When on a mountain bike throughout steep off road descents lower your seat regarding 6 inches and shift your weight to the rear of the seat to stay most of your weight on the rear tire. Not doing this could cause you to go head over the handle bars if the Hill is steep enough.


These are the tips that you can consider when cycling. Go outdoors and speed your way to toning your body and be competitive. That’s all about it! Follow this “quick guide” to get out there on the road safely, effectively, and efficiently. Happy cycling!!


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